‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Seemingly Throws Shade At Christine Brown Ahead Of Her Wedding Day

Christine Brown and David Woolley’s big day is finally here, but it appears like not everyone is happy for them.

Fans finally got to see the pair get married on “Sister Wives Christine and David’s Wedding (Part 1),” which aired Jan. 7 on TLC.

While getting ready for her wedding, Christine looked back at her spiritual wedding to her ex-husband Kody and explained why her new nuptials would be better.

“My first wedding with Kody, it was very, very private. It was a spiritual union that we had,” Christine said. “It was very small because in our church when you have a plural wife, they always have a smaller wedding. But there’s no dancing or cake cutting, it just wasn’t a party, it was just a simple dinner, so I’m just really excited for the big wedding,” she added.

But what does Christine’s ex really think about her getting married again?

“I’m really fine, I’m resolved with it,” Kody said.

Although he said he’s fine, his current wife Robyn seems to imply that things aren’t totally good between the three of them.

“Aren’t we just so happy for them,” Robyn said while smiling at Kody. “We’re just so happy for them. Right, that’s what we want.”

Robyn and Kody aren’t the only ones who weren’t invited to the wedding, Meri wasn’t either.

“I know Christine is getting married soon, but I don’t know exactly when it is,” Meri said. “You know obviously we’ve had some conflict in our family for quite a few years and it’s led to this and the whole thing is really sad to me. Like the whole family situation is really sad to me, but I’m happy for her that she has found her person and has found happiness.”

Her former sister wife, Janelle, also approves of her new relationship. During the rehearsal dinner, she also gave an emotional speech for the soon-to-be bride and groom.

“This is a fairytale and I’m so excited to be a part of this with you,” Janelle said. “Thank you for making me part of the deal. For loving my children and letting me love yours.”

Janelle isn’t the only one who is happy for Christine, her mom got emotional while talking about her daughter’s love life.

Christine’s dad also candidly talked about his appreciation for David and even bashed Kody in the process.

And turns out everyone is a fan of David, even Christine’s kids! Her daughters worked overtime to make sure Christine’s day was special.

“Like all of the sisters want mom to have like the biggest most special wedding so we wanted to make sure that mom got everything,” Asypn said.

And it was! When she got to the venue, she explained how much better her wedding day to David felt compared to Kody.

Fans will have to wait until next week’s episode of “Sister Wives” to watch them officially tie the knot when part two of their wedding special airs on Sunday on TLC.

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