Machine Gun Kelly Startled When Fan Rushes Stage At Live Event: ‘Get The F*** Away From Me’

Machine Gun Kelly didn’t think twice when reacting to a scary fan encounter. The rocker was visibly startled when an audience member confronted him during his presentation at Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit in Cleveland on Oct. 10. According to fan-captured video from the event’s livestream, MGK was speaking with Forbes editor Kristin Stoller for a keynote discussion at the event and shut down an onlooker’s attempt to talk to him after they rushed the stage. “My man, get the f*** away from me. Yo, what are you doing? What are you doing? This is a bad look. Don’t make me do this,” MGK said, before a security guard removed the person from the premises. Neither MGK nor local law enforcement commented publicly on the incident as of Wednesday but the musician appeared to shake it off after a brief break, telling the audience that he wanted to handle things as peacefully as he could. “I’m sorry, I try to live the dichotomy more on this side than the other guy,” he said with a smile. “I left that guy in the past, I’m really sorry.”